Thursday, June 1, 2017

Airport Bums

Airport Bums So, we were supposed to pick up someone from the airport and they totally didn't fly in on the day we were expecting them. Not to fear, we enjoyed our Burger King meal and airport adventure. At the end of the day, some mischief was had and it was dealt with swiftly. Overall, it was a good day. Honestly though, any day is a good one when you end it with a valuable lesson. ———————————— **LINKS** SUBSCRIBE FACEBOOK WEBSITE INSTAGRAM TWITTER ———————————— **CHANNEL RECOMMENDATIONS** ———————————— **Featured Products & Affiliate Links** Need help figuring out how to optimize your Youtube channel? We're subscribed to FabFitFun Box. Follow this link to subscribe today and tell us what you get! **FTC DISCLOSURE** WE HAVE NOT BEEN SPONSORED.... LIKE AT ALL. ———————————— ****Mailing Address**** CONTACT US FOR DETAILS