Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Let's Pull Her Teeth Out

Let's Pull Her Teeth Out This week we do what we do every payday, go to the store! It's back to business as usual in the Staley house now that the plays are done and over with and we're taking a break from gaming. Don't forget to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! The question of the week is, what weird or different food combo do you enjoy? Please let us know in the comments. ———————————— **LINKS** SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/2rhrmYc FACEBOOK http://bit.ly/2pYAmww WEBSITE http://ift.tt/29R3Fuv INSTAGRAM http://bit.ly/2pYGt4c TWITTER http://bit.ly/2jKkhbZ ———————————— **Featured Products & Affiliate Links** Need help figuring out how to optimize your Youtube channel? http://bit.ly/2rhg4TQ We're subscribed to FabFitFun Box. Follow this link to subscribe today and tell us what you get! http://xo.fff.me/fxNKx **FTC DISCLOSURE** WE HAVE NOT BEEN SPONSORED.... LIKE AT ALL. ———————————— ****Mailing Address**** CONTACT US FOR DETAILS